Leather Care & Care Products


Why should your leather product be cared for?

At DEPECHE. you will find care products so that you can take good care of your
beautiful leather items. Did you know that care products both take care of your
product and can help extend the lifetime of it? We therefore recommend that
you pamper your leather products with impregnation once in a while.


What care products can be used for the leather?

Organic Protect & Care Spray vegan

We recommend using this care spray on your bag before use. The spray
protects the leather from dirt, moisture and grease and cares for your product.
The spray takes care of the leather without using chemicals and protects its oil
-based surface with real olive oil.

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Organic Cream vegan

We recommend using this organic care cream if the leather has become dry or
dull over time and after use. This care lotion protects and revitalizes the leather
so that it remains soft and delicious. The cream cares for the leather without the
use of chemicals and protects its oil-based surface.

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Carbon Pro

This long-lasting and effective care spray protects your leather product from dirt,
moisture, and grease. The product is sprayed on the product before use, so that
a cleaned surface is ensured. The product may only be used outside.

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