A mobile phone bag from DEPECHE. is easy to carry on the go

Our mobile bags always have an adjustable strap that you can take over the shoulder, and the bag is also easy to carry both at the festival or on the bus. That way, the bag is always at hand, so it's easy to take out the bus card or take a quick picture with your mobile. A mobile phone bag can also be used as a crossover or crossbody bag, for example a bag you hang at an angle to the front of the body. If you wish, the strap can also be removed if desired. Without a strap, the bag can be used to store and protect your mobile phone if you have it in a larger bag.

Use your mobile phone bag for everyday and party

On this page you can see our selection of DEPECHE. mobilebags, all made of delicious leather quality and a nice design that allows the bags to be used for any occasion. A mobile phone bag can also be used with a slightly larger bag if you want to take extra good care of your phone. We have all tried frantically to look for a ringing mobile in a larger bag compartment - with a smaller bag specifically designed to store and protect your smartphone, you always know where you have it. You also prevent the screen from getting scratched when the phone is in a larger room. There are in fact several compartments in a mobile phone bag, so for example keys and telephone do not have to be in the same compartment.

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