DEPECHE Basic gloves in soft leather Gloves 099 Black (Nero)DEPECHE Basic gloves in soft leather Gloves 099 Black (Nero)

14888 - Black (Nero)

Basic gloves in soft leather


Our new DEPECHE. family member

Here at DEPECHE. you will find a delicious and stylish selection of beautiful gloves in the softest and most delicious leather quality. Leather gloves never go out of style, and will always be a sure and classic winner, so you can use your leather gloves for many years and as with all our other leather products, the quality only gets more delicious and softer by time.

We have carefully selected the most delicious and beautiful leather gloves, both in terms of quality and details, where we at DEPECHE. never compromise. Among our selection of gloves, you will find both our basic leather glove, as well as gloves with details such as zippers, bows, studs and metal buttons. The beautiful details make it possible for you to create your very own look and find a pair of leather gloves that fit perfectly for you. We hope you will welcome our brand-new product line and will love our gloves as much as we already do.

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