DEPECHE. recycled bag collection

This sustainable bag line is the first step in a strategy for a more sustainable profile for DEPECHE. All our sustainable nylon bags are produced in 100% recyclable plastic bottles, but this does not mean that we have compromised on quality - on the contrary. Our sustainable bags are produced in a durable nylon quality, which means you can have your bag for many years.

From plastic bottles to bags.. Recyclable plastic bottles are cut into flakes, after that they are washed and cleaned. Then they are melted into small balls, which are made into yarn. This yarn is used to make DEPECHE. nylon bags.

Among our new sustainable bags, you will find our beautiful bumbag. This bag has a nice, simple but at the same time sporty look - which means that it can be styled for many outfits and occasions. Whether it is a shopping trip, festival, or ordinary everyday use. In addition, you will find our large, delicious shopper bag, which is perfect for both weekend bags, training bags or as a shopping / shopping network.

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