Small crossbody bag with metal chain / 14486


Small bag / clutch decorated with metal chain / 14492


Small leather clutch with metal chain / 14490


Small bag in washed leather quality / 14400


Small bag / clutch in soft leather / 14420


A DEPECHE clutch bag is never just a clutch

A clutch bag can be used in a lot of different ways. So many, that it has become a definite must-have for most women. A clutch can be the last thing you need in order to complete your look, but especially the functionality of it is what makes a clutch bag a necessity. You can use it as a wallet where all your most important belongings are stored, like your smartphone or keys. It is never too small to carry your tiny important things, and never too large to find what you put in it. We think a clutch should be capable of a little extra, which is why a DEPECHE clutch bag cannot be regarded only as a “clutch”. Nearly any DEPECHE clutch you can find among our collection has a long strap added to it which is both adjustable and detachable. This makes it a lot easier to carry your clutch along with you when you plan on riding your bike to go shopping or when going for a night out and you don’t feel like leaving your bag at the table. A clutch bag from DEPECHE is always comfortable to bring along, making it the ideal party bag or purse for any occasion.

Small bags and purses from DEPECHE

The majority of clutch bags from DEPECHE are small bags you can carry inside a larger bag, much like a purse. For a purse to be useful, it needs different pockets and compartments - thing which not all bags have, but our Casual Chic small bag/clutch does. It comes with a zipper pocket on the backside, and contains two main compartments on the inside along with two zipper pockets, pockets for creditcards and more. A perfect example of a DEPECHE purse and clutch all-in-one. It also includes a wrist handle and shoulder strap, making it perfect for going shopping or for a night out. For those of you wants to add a luxurious, yet minimalistic touch to your style, we have our Fashion Favourites small bag/clutch that like many of our other clutch bags can be used as a purse as well. If you by any chance haven’t found the bag of your dreams among this selection, we suggest you continue your journey on our Bags and Crossover bags pages.

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