DEPECHE Bags in High-Quality Leather

Our bags come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, colours and designs in order for you to find just what you need that adds a personal touch to your outfit. You can use our bags for nearly any occasion, let it be everyday routines like work and studies or special occasions during the weekends. Among our selection of DEPECHE bags you’ll find leather backpacks, travel bags, working bags and shopping bags in different shades of brown, black and washed leather. Our leather bag collection is your opportunity to personalize your style with a part of yourself - your chance to express your personality through your outfit.

Shop Large Leather Bags from DEPECHE

Sometimes a small or medium-sized bag won’t do the trick as you need more space for things like your clothes, your computer and your books and papers. For these situations you may need our Backpack instead, with one big room, small zipper pockets and open mobile pockets. The functionality and size of the backpack make it easy for you to get it all along. If you love gold and soft quality-leather we recommend that you take a close look at our Golden Deluxe work bag, made in super soft leather which is both lightweight, durable and delicate at the same time. The bag is divided into three rooms, which increases the functionality. If you for any reason didn’t find the perfect bag for you among this range of leather bags, we may still be able to help you on your journey if you visit our selection of clutch bags and crossovers.