Small credit card holder / 14412


Purse / 13568


Credit card holder i silky soft leather / 14630


Small purse decorated with folders in the leather / 14560


Small simple wallet in soft leather / 14194


Purse / 14176


Soft and delicious leather wallet / 14140


Purse / 13560


Purse / 12958


DEPECHE. purses of different colors and designs

Among our collection of purses, you’ll find purses of different sizes, colors, and designs. All of our purses are made from high quality leather, because we never compromise. At DEPECHE., we have a preference for details, which manifests itself in our collection of purses. For instance, you’ll find our soft black leather purse, which closes with a gold zipper; the purse is decorated with a gold DEPECHE. logo on the front. This purse can hold an iPhone 7, coins, bills, credit cards.

If you are looking for a purse with room for everything, then we have the perfect purse for you. This purse is divided into two separate compartments, one with a gold zipper, and one with a gold push button. There is room for 10 credit cards in the compartment with the push button, and there is room for an additional 3 credit cards, coins, and bills in the compartment with the zipper. Furthermore, there is room for an iPhone 7 in the purse.

If you need a smaller purse/credit card holder, then we have the perfect solution for you. Our small purse of the softest suede will certainly be a winner. There is room for credit cards, coins and bills within this credit card holder. The small purse comes in beautiful summer colors such as light grey, black, and rose. If for some reason you did not find what you were looking for under DEPECHE. purses, you can take a look at our wide selection of crossovers or small bags/clutches for women.

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