Leather pants with wide and straight legs / 50240


Jumpsuit stretch leather quality / 50228


Jumpsuit in soft leather / 50224


Leather pants with stretch and flare effect / 50226


Pant w belt / 50200


Stretch legging w eyelets / 50206


Stretch pant / 14256


Stretch pant 7/8 length / 14254


Suede legging w/studs / 50138


Pant w/strings / 50168


Flare pant / 50172


Stretch legging / 50180


Leggings w/studs / 50120


Baggy Leather Pant / 50022


7/8 Pants w/zipper pocket and zipper at bottom / 12552


Pant with zipper pockets / 12446


Plain legging with zip at top / 12040

From €321.30 - €459.00

DEPECHE Pants - The Exclusive Selection

This exclusive collection of DEPECHE pants is designed with focus on quality and comfort in synergy with elegance and diversity. The leather used for our pants is both stretchable, durable and comfortable, and will improve fit over time. Pants from this collection of DEPECHE will be part of your wardrobe and personal style for years to come.

Among our special selection we have our leather leggings made in exclusive stretch leather, whereas some have zippers on the side and others are made of jersey on the backside for a contrast effect. DEPECHE leggings are perfect for everyday use, partly due to the benefits of wearing them often, but mostly because of the countless different outfits you can make of them, including when you want to dress up for special occasions.os.

Leather Pants in Premium Quality Leather

Among our collection of DEPECHE pants you can find our leather pant, made in exclusive stretch leather, just like our leggings. Our leather pant can be used in several ways, depending on the style you prefer. Buy them in a tight fit to get the most out of the stretch leather or buy them in a loose fit size for a more raw, yet feminine touch. The pants are closed with push-button and zipper. You can use our leather pants and leggings to complete any look - only your imagination and wardrobe sets the boundaries. What all our pants have in common is that they’re made of high-quality materials, have a great fit and are comfortable to wear. Wear them when you need to freshen up your party outfit with a feminine touch or for everyday purposes where you want to feel relaxed and look casual chic. Whether your style is raw, casual or classic vintage - pants from DEPECHE is your opportunity to add something special to your outfit and wardrobe that will be with you season after season.

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